Vidiem gas stove reviews

Vidiem Gas Stove Reviews – 3 Best Vidiem Gas Stoves Compared

While Vidiem is not the most popular gas stove brand out there, it’s still well-known for making durable, beautifully-designed and high performance gas stoves. In fact, the people behind this brand are the same as the one who built Preethi, a reputed brand in the kitchen appliances space.

However, since Vidiem also has a fairly long lineup of 3 and 2 burner gas stoves, we decided to review some of the best from each of the categories.

Vidiem Gas Stove Reviews – 3 and 2 Burner Gas Stoves

We have considered a few key criteria when reviewing these Vidiem gas stoves. One of the most important among them is performance and functionality.

In the age of modern kitchens, you don’t want to struggle with slow or inefficient cooking. So we do put performance and functionality at the top of our review priorities.

Some of the other important factors we considered include:

  • Quality of the brass burners – Nothing impacts the performance of your gas stove as much as its burners
  • Looks and design – It should not only be beautiful aesthetically but also be functional and practical
  • Spaciousness – This is especially important for a 3 burner gas stove; you must not feel cramped when using all the 3 burners together
  • Durability and reliability – What’s a gas stove that’s not durable, reliable and safe?

With that said, let us review our top Vidiem gas stove picks below.

  1. Vidiem GS S3 200 A Satin 3 Burner Glass Gas Stove

This is one of the most functional LPG gas stoves by Vidiem on the market. It’s also a very good budget glass gas stove option.

What makes it stand out from other similar options is its ease of use and beginner-friendly operation, which is quite difficult to find when you consider that you are also getting amazing functionality and superior overall performance.

Vidiem gas stove reviews

It comes with heavy duty brass burners, enamelled pan support, ergonomic plastic knobs and many other additional features like extra large cooking surface, mixing tubes and much more.

Talking about the design of this gas stove, it would complement the interiors of your kitchen extremely well, thanks to its modern look and smooth, finished body.

The expensive price tag justifies itself further with the stove coming with toughened glass top and galvanised iron coated legs. The GI coated legs prevent rusting and makes the stove durable. On the other hand, the hardened glass top pave the way for even heat distribution and helpes in cleaning the gas stove.

However, one drawback of this stove is that the gas nozzle is on the back side, so you have to set up the pipe safely according to the location of your LPG cylinder.

Highlighting features

  • Great combination of functionality and ease of use
  • Unbeatable durability
  • Direct flow glass tube that prevents chances of dust block
  • Galvanised iron panel
  • Great sales after service
  • 5 years warranty

Why it’s our top pick?

Impressive performance, advanced features, stupendous design, constant stringent tests by the company and the list goes on. It’s hard to believe a gas stove can come with so much, and the overwhelmingly large number of positive customer reviews indicate that most people who bought it share the same opinion about it.

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  1. Vidiem GS S3 195 A Vector Plus 3 Burner Stainless Steel Gas Stove

Modern and elegant, this stainless steel gas stove is a complete pack of advanced features, extravagant design and superior performance.

The stove boasts a stainless steel body that brings a great level of durability to the table while also making it easier to clean for you. It’s just a perfect addition to your kitchen!

Similar to our top pick, this gas stove too comes with a lot of features like thermally efficient brass burners, sturdy pan support, direct flow gas tube and precision gas valves that add to its overall functionality.

There are some issues with this stove though. A few customers complained about the light weight of the stove which causes the utensils to wobble. In addition, the gas inlet is also not rotatable.

Finally, you would be glad to know that this product is made in India and comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Highlighting features

  • Comes with removable drip trays
  • Widely spaced burners to accommodate big vessels
  • Safe and reliable
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Made in India

Why do we like this product?

It’s a bit on the expensive side to be honest, but offers much more than most other gas stoves in the market. It is unique, stainless steel, and is safe and reliable as well.

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  1. Vidiem GS G2 120 A Air Plus 2 Burner Frameless Gas Stove

Despite only being a 2 burner gas stove, it’s one of the most expensive gas stoves on our list. However, that’s primarily because it’s a more premium gas stove that offers some unique advantages over other products that make it a better option for smaller families.

This stove differs from our top pick only in terms of design. It’s similar to out top pick in terms of features.

The design is very unique with high quality plastic legs and toughened glass top. It boasts a brushed finish that gives it a premium look.

It comes with a lifetime warranty on glass and two years warranty on the product. Majority of the customers who bought this product praise it for its design and performance. However, a particular customer desired to have the gas inlet at the back instead of the front right side.

Highlighting features

  • Large cooking surface
  • Stylish and sleek design
  • Smooth operating knobs
  • Easy to clean

Why do we like this product?

It’s similar to our top pick in many ways, except for the design. Overall, it’s well-designed and also very functional.

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3 Burner or 2 Burner Vidiem Gas Stove – Which One to Pick?

As you can tell, if you’re after the best value for money and a mid to large sized family, you may want to go for one of the 2 top Vidiem gas stoves that come with 3 burners.

However, if you’re a small family or just a couple looking for a premium, high-end and space conscious gas stove, the last 2 burner gas stove we reviewed would hit the spot for you better.

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