Prestige gas stove reviews

Prestige Gas Stove Review

Prestige is one of the most trusted brand names in Indian households. It offers a wide range of kitchen products and customers are always willing to pay a premium price for the brand image and the trust that comes with it.

The same is true with gas stoves as well. Before we walk you through our Prestige gas stove reviews, let us tell you that they are considerably more expensive than some of the other gas stove brands. You will notice this if you compare this post with our another post on Vidiem gas stove reviews.

But if you’re after a trusted brand and top-notch quality, then the below Prestige gas stoves are going to be worth their price tag.

3 Best Prestige Gas Stove Reviews

We have did our research to find 3 different Prestige gas stoves that have managed to win the hearts of customers. They are all glass top gas stoves, with two of them being 3 burner gas stoves and one being a 2 burner gas stove.

So with that said, let us review what we think are some of the best Prestige gas stoves out there.

  • Prestige Premia Schott Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove

The Prestige Premia is one of the most functional gas stoves on the market. It is a hidden gem that offers a great bang for your buck. What makes it stand out from other similar options is the ease of use and user-friendly operation, which is difficult to get when you consider that you are also getting stupendous performance and excellent design.

Best 3 burner Prestige gas stove


Talking about the design of stove, it would complement the interiors of your kitchen extremely well, thanks to its modern looks and smooth shiny exterior.

Some of the other important features of this stove include:

  1. Schott glass cooktop– This can withstand extra load without any damage and also enhances the durability of the overall stove.
  2. Tri-pin brass burners– This gas stove comes with three different sized burners to provide you the best culinary experience.
  3. Individual pan support– Every burner comes with a drip tray that allows easy cooking and cleaning.
  4. SABAF gas valves– These gas valves offer trouble-free operation and prevent wastage of fuel thereby allowing faster cooking.

Finally, the customers who bought this product are very much satisfied with its functionality and design. However, the pan support quality could have been better.

No wonder, Prestige offers a 2- year warranty on the product and 10 years warranty on the Schott Glass.


  • Impressive all-round performance
  • Tri-pin brass burners offer a very efficient cooking experience
  • Spill proof design
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Recommended by users


  • Manual ignition system
  • Average pan support quality
  • A bit on the expensive side

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  • Prestige Royale Plus GT03L 3 Burner Schott Glass Top Gas Stove

This gas stove has managed to get thousands of reviews, majority of them being 4 and 5 stars. And that’s simply because of its superior performance and durability.

With three tri-pin brass burners and individual pan support, it stands right there with some of the best models as far as the primary features are concerned.

The design of the stove is not only appealing but also rust-proof. This will help with the long-term durability of the product.

This product is similar to the above one, but unique in the sense that it is ISI certified thus ensuring users of its safety and reliability.

Overall, the gas stove is surely a decent option to buy with all the advanced features and innovation in one model.

Finally, it comes with a 2-year warranty on the product and lifetime warranty on the glass. However, customer reviews reveal that lifetime warranty covers only the service charges and the customer has to pay the replacement cost at the time of glass repair.


  • Italian SABAF gas valves provide smooth and safe operation
  • Ergonomic knobs allow easy flame control
  • Schott Glass Top makes it durable and elegant
  • ISI certified
  • Value for money
  • 2 years warranty on gas stove and lifetime warranty on glass


  • Only LPG compatible, so conversion is required in order to use it with piped gas
  • Users complain about poor print quality of the markings on the knobs
  • Manual ignition
  • Expensive price

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  • Prestige 2 Burner Special Magic Glass Gas Stove

This gas stove is another great gas stove being offered by Prestige. It is a two-burner gas stove suitable for small families.

Best 2 burner Prestige gas stove

Some of the main features of this product include tri-pin brass burners, incredibly durable build quality, individual pan support, toughened glass top, spill-proof design and much more. While it’s similar to the products reviewed so far, it doesn’t come with SABAF gas valves like them.

Talking about the design of this stove, it has a toughened glass top that not only makes it look modish but also aids in easy cleaning.

Finally, you would be glad to know that this product is made in India and comes with a two years manufacturer warranty. Users who have bought this stove express their satisfaction related to quality and performance.


  • Toughened glass top makes the stove scratch resistant
  • Fairly easy to clean
  • Ergonomic knobs for smooth operation
  • The durability is amazing with a solid build quality
  • ISI certified
  • 2 years warranty


  • Manual ignition

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