Best 2 burner gas stove in India in terms of features and functionality

5 Best 2 Burner Gas Stoves in India (2021)

A gas stove is one of the most important part of your kitchen. Most of us spend a lot of time every day in our kitchen cooking food on our gas stove.

While there are different types and sizes of gas stoves, a 2 burner gas stove is still popular because it’s an ideal option for smaller families and space restrictions.

So let us review the 5 best 2 burner gas stoves on the market.

  1. GreenChef Crystal Plus Gas Stove

This 2 burner gas stove has managed to get thousands of reviews, with a vast majority of them 5 and 4 stars. Needless to say, most customers that bought it are all praise for it.

Despite being a relatively new gas stove brand it has managed to impress a great number of customers and make a mark for itself in the gas stoves segment.

And that’s simply because of the features that the company offers in its gas stoves. This gas stove comes loaded with features, which not only pleases household moms but also makes things easier for them. Some users mention how this gas stove is the best gas stove that anyone can buy, thanks to the ease of use and stupendous design.


Best 2 burner gas stove in India in terms of features and functionality

The stove boasts a unique toughened glass top and user-friendly knobs that ensure smooth and safe flame control.

Coming to the design, the gas stove has an impressive design. The toughened glass top provides it a premium look. The well-finished body of the stove can be cleaned just by a swipe of the cloth.

Some of the other highlighting features include unique lock pan support, high fuel efficiency, and brass burners for even heat distribution.

One of the most common issues mentioned by some of the customers is that the glass top gets heated in a short span of time because of which users need to be a bit careful.

Highlighting features

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Great performance
  • Perfect design
  • Recommended by users
  • 2 years warranty on glass

Why this product is our top pick?

Despite of the fact that GreenChef is a new brand, it offers best bang for buck. This gas stove gets the job done better than other gas stoves in the segment and is a more reliable and durable option.

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  1. Butterfly Smart Glass Burner Stove

This is another extremely popular gas stove from Butterfly, apparently the most reliable and well-known brand when it comes to gas stoves.

Similar to our first product, this gas stove too is not much expensive yet very functional. In fact, it also features on our list of the best glass top gas stoves in India.

One of the highlights of this gas stove is that it features highly thermal efficient brass burners that not only allow even heat distribution but also enhances the overall look of the gas stove.

Another feature that sets it apart from its cheaper counterparts is its flame retardant panel that delivers better user experience.

Furthermore, the stove stands on heat-resistant polymer legs that enhance its durability and reduces the heating effects.

Coming to the design, the product boasts a toughened glass top that provides it a classic finish. The design certainly adds to the overall feel of the kitchen.

Other highlighting features of this gas stove are pan lock support, powder-coated pan and stainless spill tray that enhance the overall performance.

However, the inlet valve at the back of the stove poses an issue for the customers. A particular customer mentioned how a serious fire accident could have happened because of the inlet valve at the back. Therefore, it’s advisable to use an authorized gas pipe.

Highlighting features

  • Super easy installation
  • Easy to clean
  • Low LPG gas consumption
  • Great price for the quality
  • Amazing sales-after-service
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

Why do we like this product?

It comes with pretty much everything you can ask for. The combination of design and functionality is amazing.

There’s a lot more to it though, you just need to visit the Amazon product page to learn the rest.

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  1. Macizo Preto Glass Cooktop

This is an incredibly cheaply-priced product that delivers the best culinary experience to its users.

Another highlighting feature of this gas stove is the anti-skid feet that prevents the gas stove from moving when you are cooking dishes.

However, the cheap price comes with its own drawbacks. A customer mentioned that this cooktop is not compatible with pipeline gas.

It features rust-free stainless-steel body and is durable in nature. In addition, the ISI certification increases the trust of users on this product.

No wonder, the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on the product.

Highlighting features

  • Highly thermal efficient brass burners
  • Rubbery anti-skid feet
  • Excellent performance at low gas consumption
  • Affordable price
  • Heat resistant nylon knobs
  • ISI certified

Why do we like this product?

The price of this gas stove is far cheaper than most other products despite being functional enough. We like this product because of the great price-performance combination.

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  1. Amazon Brand- Solimo Gas Stove

This gas stove is similar to the above product but unique in the sense that it employs a 360-degree Swivel inlet unlike the other gas stoves on our list. The Swivel inlet prevents the wear and tear of the gas pipe thus making it convenient for the users to connect the pipe to the LPG cylinder.

Just like the other gas stoves, this too comes with brass burners that allow even heat distribution and enhance the durability, thanks to the three concentric flame arrays. The lock pan support and toughened glass top make the stove reliable and long lasting.

Overall, it can turn out to be a wonder solution for small-sized families. However, going by the customer reviews, one notable point is that users have to purchase regulator and gas pipe themselves as they are not provided with the product. Also, the quality of knobs could have been better when compared to the other 2 burner gas stoves we reviewed above.

Highlighting features

  • Value for money
  • Ease of use and cleaning
  • 1 year warranty
  • Compact size
  • ISI Certified assuring quality and safety
  • Great aesthetics that complements the kitchen

Why do we like this product?

It’s similar to our above choice in several ways, except that it has some other advanced features too. Overall, it’s still a great choice as it offers an impressive value for money and good all-round performance.

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  1. SignoraCare Gas Stove

This is another affordable gas stove in the market that doesn’t compromise on the quality. It comes in a similar design as most of our other 2 burner gas stoves above.

Furthermore, it comes with pretty much everything that the Macizo gas stove reviewed on our list offers.

It offers an amazing value for money, as it is a complete pack of advanced features, extravagant design and stupendous performance offering 1-year warranty.

It has the same highlighting features offered by Macizo in its two-burner gas stove. Finally, customers who bought this product find this gas stove too compact, but overall, this is certainly a good buy if you’re on a budget.

Why do we like this product?

It’s not perfect but at this price, you would be hard-pressed to find a better option. The great quality, functionality and convenient design are a few more highlighting features you would be pleased with.

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