Best glass top gas stove

5 Best Glass Top Gas Stoves in India (2021)

Glass top gas stoves come with their own feel, appeal and functionality. They are much different from their steel counterparts, and a better option for many households.

Let us discuss a bit more about them while reviewing the 5 best gas top gas stoves in India.

  1. Milton ISI Certified Premium 3 Burner Glass Top

Milton is one of the leading companies which enjoys a good reputation in the market thanks to its great range of products that are known for their quality and value for money. Just like its other products, Milton’s gas stoves offer an impressive performance and value for money.

This gas stove is no different. It comes loaded with advanced features.

One of the major highlights of this stove is that it is ISI certified thus ensuring users of its durability and safety.

Best glass top gas stove

Coming to the design of the stove, it has a toughened glass body that provides it a stylish look. The well-finished body of this stove can be cleaned just by a swipe of the cloth. The 7 mm thick glass top allows the gas stove to withstand the weight of heavier vessels easily.

Another great thing about this LPG stove is that it comes with brass burners that are not only durable but also thermally efficient. In addition, these burners enhance the overall beauty of the gas stove.

This stove also boasts thick pan support and heat proof knobs, offering easy flame control.

Finally, if you are looking to own a gas stove that’s not too heavy on your pocket but very functional, then this gas stove won’t disappoint you. Majority of the customers who bought this stove are all praise for its design and performance. However, others seem to be disappointed with the high consumption of LPG gas by the stove. No wonder, the gas stove comes with a 1 year warranty.


  • Impressive all-round performance
  • Great aesthetics
  • Affordable price
  • Smooth operating knobs
  • Straight pipe fitting
  • Saves time and energy
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Excellent after-sale service
  • ISI certified


  • High LPG consumption
  • Manual ignition system
  • Low height of the stove makes it impossible to keep chapati rolling base under it

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  1. Milton Premium 4 Burner Glass Top LPG Stove

This is a classy gas stove by Milton which is known for its innovation and service. The design is clean but classy. Overall, the build quality of this gas stove doesn’t leave anything to be desired.

The gas stove comes with pretty much everything that the Milton gas stove reviewed above offers. One thing that distinguishes it from our former pick is that it comes with four burners thus allowing users to cook four dishes simultaneously.

Customer reviews reveal that this stove is not compatible with CNG. Some users may also want to note that the dripping trays are not removeable, although that hasn’t been much of an issue for most users.

Finally, the stove has pretty much the same pros and cons offered by the above gas stove. Despite a few advantages, this model can be a good buy if you want the best combination of functionality and durability at an economical price.


  • Highly efficient – claims to save quite a bit of gas
  • Highly thickened 7mm glass top ensures a great level of durability and safety
  • 100% high-quality brass burners pave the way for solid long-term performance
  • Great aesthetics – it’s sure to enhance the overall look and feel of your kitchen
  • Smooth, durable knobs
  • Surprisingly compact despite being a 4-burner glass top gas stove
  • Super easy installation


  • It’s not CNG compatible – if you want to use it with CNG you will need professional help

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  1. Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 3 burner stove

This gas stove is among one of the best glass top gas stoves in India thanks to its performance and durability.

With three tri-pin brass burners and individual pan support, it stands right there with some of the best models as far as the primary features are concerned. The comparatively expensive price tag justifies itself with the stove coming with Sabaf gas valves imported from Italy that provide smooth and trouble-free operation. The ergonomically designed knobs allow easy flame control and makes life of every household woman easier.

Unlike some of our best picks, this stove employs a SCHOTT glass that can withstand high temperatures and ensures durability.

Let’s talk about the design. The gas stove boasts of a glossy finished body thus giving it a premium look. There is a considerable distance between the burners that allows users to place three big-sized utensils together.

Overall, the gas stove is surely a decent option to buy with all the advanced features and innovation in one model. Finally, it comes with a 2-year warranty on the product and lifetime warranty on the glass. However, customer reviews reveal that only service charges are covered under the lifetime warranty and the customer needs to pay the replacement cost at the time of glass repair.


  • Tri-pin brass burners offer a very efficient cooking experience
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Value for money
  • Very effective design
  • High functionality
  • Comes from a Trusted brand


  • Only LPG compatible, soconversion is required in order to use it with piped gas
  • Users complain about poor print quality of the markings on the knobs
  • A bit on the expensive side

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  1. Butterfly Smart Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove

This is another extremely popular gas stove from Butterfly, the most reliable and popular brand when it comes to LPG gas stoves.

It is a two-burner gas stove suitable for small families. Similar to all the gas stoves reviewed above, this product too comes with thermally efficient brass burners that allow even heat distribution.

Talking about the design of this stove, it has a toughened glass top that not only makes it look modish but also aids in easy cleaning. The design of this stove is deluxe and stands on heat-resistant legs that helps it maintain balance. In addition, it boasts a scratch-free and non-reactive body.

Other notable features of this gas stove are the smart lock pan feature and the stainless steel spill tray that prevents rusting and helps in cleaning the stove.

We like this product because it is affordable, highly functional and sturdy. However, customers mention that the burners are close to each other which makes it difficult to place two huge utensils together on the stove.


  • Great performance with many advanced features
  • Value for money
  • Stupendous performance
  • 1 year warranty
  • 360 degree revolving knobs


  • Spill trays are not detachable
  • Less distance between two burners makes it difficult to place two burners together
  • Only LPG compatible

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  1. Glen 1041 GT Glass 4 Forged Brass Burner Gas Stove

This is another great gas stove that turns out to be incredibly effective for medium-sized families.

Similar to the other gas stoves in the segment, it also features a scratch resistant toughened glass top and a sturdy pan support and ergonomic knobs for easy operation. With four forged brass burners, this glass top gas stove is an excellent addition to any kitchen.

However, unlike other gas stoves on our list, this gas stove employs a 360 degree Swivel type nozzle that allows users to adjust their LPG cylinder easily. In addition, the multi spark auto ignition feature eliminates the need of lighter thus making the lives of household moms easier.

Furthermore, the ISI certification ensures customers of this gas stove being 100 percent safe and durable.

The design of this stove complements the kitchen extremely well, thanks to its modern looks and rich matte steel body.

Summing it up, it’s priced a bit on the higher side, but if the amazing customer reviews and its unique design is anything to go by, it’s well worth it.


  • Classy design
  • Comes with ISI certification
  • Ergonomic knobs
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Value for money
  • Comes with multi spark auto ignition feature
  • 5 year warranty on forged brass burners


  • Highly priced
  • Burners are close to each other
  • Only LPG compatible

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How We Picked the Best Glass Top Gas Stove?

There are many factors that go into choosing a gas stove, be it a glass top gas stove or a stainless steel gas stove. We will take a look at some of the most important ones below.


It might seem an obvious factor, but it’s even more important when it comes to glass top gas stoves. After all, people tend to be a bit concerned as glass isn’t considered a very durable material.

However, if you choose a good glass top gas stove, then you may not need to worry about it. This is because these glass top gas stoves aren’t built with the ordinary glass you may be familiar with.

In fact, the best glass top gas stoves we reviewed above come with very thickened, durable glass. It may turn out to be just as good as stainless steel for you in terms of durability.


It’s also important to make sure your gas stove isn’t overusing gas and costing you more than it needs to. The more efficient gas stoves tend to use less gas while offering the same or better level of cooking efficiency, which is what makes them an attractive choice.

We have also considered this factor when picking the 5 best glass top gas stoves above. These gas stoves use gas very efficiently, while also offering a great overall performance.

Ease of Cleaning

Not many people consider the ease of cleaning when choosing a gas stove, but we believe it’s a mistake. This is because you will need to regularly clean your gas stove, and if it’s very difficult to clean it’s going to make your life a bit harder.

Fortunately, glass top gas stoves are much easier to clean than their stainless steel counterparts in general. However, the ones we picked are surprisingly easy to clean, and may not take more than a few minutes of your time.

Ease of Installation

Again, this isn’t something most people give much attention too. But you would be surprised at how difficult some gas stoves can be to install.

And if they are difficult to install, it may also mean that they don’t come in a very well-thought-out design and may not be as good an option as those that do.

Moreover, it’s super important to check the compatibility of your gas stove with the type of gas supply you have at your home. Some gas stoves work only with CNG, while some others are PNG only.

Regardless of the type of gas connection at your home, there’s an abundance of options for you. It’s just that you have to check and make sure you don’t go with one that isn’t compatible with your gas type.

Glass Top vs. Stainless Steel Gas Stoves

Some of the readers may also be interested in finding out how glass top gas stoves stack up against stainless steel ones. So let us discuss a bit on that front too.

Well, first things first, if you want your gas stove to truly enhance the look and feel of your kitchen, then a glass top gas stove is going to be the best choice hands-down.

However, if you tend to put a lot of weight on your gas stove and there’s little space around it, then maybe a stainless steel gas stove may make more sense for you. While the better glass top gas stoves like the ones we reviewed above are very durable, stainless steel may serve you better if you want your gas stove to handle an unusual amount of weight.

When it comes to the ease of cleaning and installation, glass top gas stoves again tend to be better options. It’s much easier to clean their curves, and things also don’t seem to get stuck around their edges as much as it does in a stainless steel gas stove.

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