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South-Indian Home Delivery Down South, rice plays an important role in the cuisine with Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh as the heart of South Indian cuisine. When you want a South Indian cuisine home delivery, you need to be more specific as to what regional food you would like to eat. Though there are a lot of similarities, there is quite a bit of difference when you measure with spiciness. The spiciest amongst the 4 states is the regional cuisine from Andhra Pradesh. The South Indian cuisine home delivery from an Andhra restaurant will have that extra tangy touch and spicy blaze because of the generous portions on tamarind and chilli powder. The regional Kannadiga food is cooked in different styles, namely - Coastal Karnataka cuisine, North Karnataka cuisine, South Karnataka cuisine and Coorgi. Each has its key ingredients from spicy condiments, meat, ragi dominated and widespread use of coconut, seafood, and coconut oil. The style of cooking each of these makes it easy to tell the difference. Getting a South Indian cuisine home delivery from restos that serve authentic food is available and easy to find on TastyKhana. From a fast food perspective, idlies, uttapams, dosas and vadas are convenient and great snacks when you want tasty South Indian cuisine home delivery options. Let’s not forget the Chettinad inspired style of cooking, where non-vegetarian food and spices are blended perfectly. From sea food to salted meats, each item available for South Indian cuisine home delivery is sizzling with fresh ground masalas. All the dishes available are eaten with idiyappams, dosais, appams or any rice based dish. Kerala food is an essential in South Indian cuisine and very diverse which is because of the different communities. If you are looking for a safe bet for South Indian cuisine home delivery and in the mood to experiment then you can order for Porotta with mutton/chicken curry or fish molee. These dishes are famous and very popular as street food. Whether you are ordering South Indian from Mumbai or Bangalore or Delhi you would love Tastykhana's choice of restaurants for Home Delivery or Take Aways