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Punjabi Home Delivery As with many regional cuisines that are cooked in India, Punjabi cuisine has a variety of dishes that you can decide to enjoy both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. What makes Punjabi home delivery finger licking and lip smacking is the use of butter, ghee or cream. Depending on how spicy you like to enjoy your food, each restaurant will serve up food that is ‘not hot at all’ to spiciness that will probably shock the weak hearted. The cuisine is for the most part is wheat based but that doesn’t mean that your Punjabi home delivery lacks the lustre of well cooked rice. To enhance the taste of the food, Punjabi cuisine relies heavily on garlic, ginger and onion. Though live every cuisine in a state, there are variations, for instance, Amritsari food is famous for its milk products and stuffed parathas. When it comes to breads that would complement your Punjabi style cooked gravy, you have plenty of options – Tandoori roti, paratha, bhatura and Kulcha. Each type of bread has its own method and unique ingredients of being made, which adds to the flavour of the food. What’s popular in Punjab? Movies have made parathas famous, so you can always have them for a breakfast, snack and dinner. You will not be disappointed if your Punjabi home delivery has a few parathas – take your pick from the different types of paratha options available on our website. If you are craving for a snack, pakoras and samosas stuffed with potatoes, paneer, and even a chicken are sure to keep you satisfied. Sarson da saag with makki di roti is a combination to die for, and if you are craving non – vegetarian then you have an assortment that will leave you perplexed. Most popular at occasions, house parties and even weddings, the menu is not complete with a one of these dishes - tandoori chicken, chicken tikka and butter chicken. You never need to worry about Punjabi home delivery with TastyKhana since we list some of the best and most popular restaurants in your city! Whether you are ordering Punjabi food from Pune or Bangalore or Ghaziabad or Delhi, you would love Tastykhana's choice of restaurants for Home Delivery or Take Aways