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  • Yet Some More Finger Food!

    If you have been reading my reviews, you must have gathered by now I am a great fan of finger food & creatively prepared snacks. Arc Asia had me interested with their well balanced but unusual menu mix. I ended up with Asia on my platter that afternoon! Yaki Tori - skewered with spring onion segments (the portion tween the bulb & the greens). Excellent - not overly doused - unpretentious but elegantly presented. The soy dip was just perfect. Me like, like, like. The chk was prepared just right, not dried out and slipped off effortlessly the bamboo skewer. Would look great presented at a home party as well. Would I order this again - yes - but this time around I would want to eat it at the restau itself. Home delivery robs it off its aroma, and artistic presentation. SATAY AYAM - i cotinue to look for satay which has the flavors right: both in their marinade and accompanying peanut dip. I found them better than Malaka Spice, but still not quite there. BTW, Malaka Spice "satays" are delicious slivers of spiced chk in their own right - but they are no satays. I miss good south east Asian street food & satay continue to be a regular search. Any recommendations - please write inhere with the review. The nonveg dimsums tasted great - the skins were just the right thickness and were not soft neither did they slip off with all the steaming, A couple of dimsums I found with stringy bits of chicken, as though the mincing/chopping was incomplete. AS a diner, it gets embarrassing and inconvenient. Dimsums are meant to be morsels of food which go down quick and easy & are not conversation busters! Maybe it was just a bad day - they got 6 out 8 right! Yeah the portions are generous and each momo tightly packed and well stuffed! The Sumatran curry was too inviting to give it a miss. Guali Ikan its called. An indonesian fish curry to be home delivered? I jumped at it. Later the restau called to tell me they dont have any & I had to settle for a higher priced goan fish curry :-( A very mild and creamy version of a curry - certainly not goan! Laced with zillions of curry leaves and huge portions of fish chunks. I am not sure what fish(maybe bassa?) it was, but it got eaten in a hurry. The fact that the curry was so mild and creamy had the diners help themselves to larger portions & seconds. Though one of my diners remarked fish curry at Signature, LullaNagar or even Coconut Groove are hard to beat. But then there are a hell lot spicy & fiery as well. Star of the meal: The excellent packaging! By far the best. Each snack had its rectangular see through box & kept very well in the fridge & heated well in the micro later the next meal. Would I repeat? I am curious about quite a few items on their menu - and amazed to see some Sindhi specials (rare to find): this should have me coming back to the restaurant in the near future. Great quality of ingredients plus the effort, skill and creativity shows through in each of their dishes. Especially recommended if you have a fussy group of diners who demand menu diversity. In a small menu they seem to have a lot going! Ofcourse I will call for that Sumantran curry on my next order. Thank you TK team for bringin me food home especially in these cruel summer afternoons!

    April 12, 2012, 4:47 pm by Sarah
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