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New customers

TastyKhana’s marketing engine touches thousands of new customers every day through TV, radio and the internet.

Restaurant Marketing

Find out how we promote your restaurant and boost your marketing with free flyers and menu cards.

Online payment

Find out how accepting online payments helps increase your orders and sales.

Find more customers

Each day thousands of new potential customers visit TastyKhana and search for restaurants.

Customers are looking for easy ways to find and order from restaurants like yours.

TastyKhana is accessed by customers through web, tablet or mobile apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry.

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Get TK’s marketing power

Get smartly designed marketing materials for free / reduced cost: Delivery bags, Dine-in menus, Takeaway menus, Co-branded discount vouchers, Flyers etc.

Team up with TastyKhana and run joint promotion offers where we will distribute flyers in your area to push orders.

Get the power of digital marketing working for you with Google Search Marketing and Facebook advertising.

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Online ordering and payment

Accept more customers by accepting online payments.

Become part of TastyKhana’s promotion network as we incentivise customers to pay online.

Choose weekly or monthly to receive payouts from TastyKhana .

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Free website for your restaurant

Get a professionally designed website for your restaurant optimised for search engines so that customers can find you when they are searching for you.

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