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Indian cuisine is the most diverse in the world considering that we are country where the foods we cook use the ingredients available locally. When you order an Indian cuisine home delivery you really need to decide on whether you are in the mood for a dish that relies heavily on one ingredient. For instance, if you order for an Indian cuisine takeaway from a south Indian restaurant the meals will be influenced with coconut, curry leaves and you can always trust the sea food dishes to be delicious. Maharashtrian dishes that are a part of Indian cuisine would be range from mild to spicy. The missal pav from Kholapur are proof to the hotness of the dish. If you move along to try Indian cuisine home delivery from the Konkan region, your food would again be pre dominantly fish dependent with its own distinct flavours. Travel up North, you have dishes that use a lot of cream, ghee and butter. Makke di roti and sarson da saag are popular Punjabi dishes that are very popular with Indian cuisine home delivery alil over India. Food from the Uttarakhan region tastes great because of the charcoal cooking and with the distinction that most of the dishes do not use milk or dairy products. Regional influences have evolved the Indian cuisine and continue to do so even today. Our food has influences from other parts of the world as well, for instance North Indian food has Mughlai and Persian touch. Food from Goa has a distinctive Portuguese sway. At TastyKhana, we have a long list of restaurants that provide Indian cuisine home delivery and you can find these restaurants using filters when trying to find a restaurant that delivers to your area. From Bengali deserts, North Indian snacks, a prawn vindaloo or maybe a Hyderabad biryani; we have all these dishes along with continental cuisines to satisfy your food cravings.