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When we think of Chinese food, you can picture a good spread of incredibly spicy and red dishes that are exceptionally tasty. Chinese cuisine has adapted to suit the Indian taste buds and you might be in for a rude shock when you decide to order for a Chicken Fried Rice in China! But that’s a story for another day when you want a Chinese home delivery from China. Chinese cuisine has evolved to its Indian variation from a tiny community of Chinese people that migrated to Kolkata, India. Today, their contribution has become a part of Indian cutinise and enjoyed by foodies all over the world. So the next time you decide on a Chinese home delivery, you can be sure that the Indian Chinese you enjoy was the first step towards Sino-Indian cultural fusion. Another fact that will blow you away is your favourite dish for a Chinese home delivery – the Chicken Manchurian was invented by Eddie Wang of China Garden restaurant in Kolkata. This was the first dish to gain popularity and led to the evolution of Chinese food. The names Schezuan, Manchurian and Hunan explain the difference between the culinary styles that are applied by chefs when cooking Chinese food. If you order a dish that includes the word ‘Hunan’, you can expect a Chinese home delivery of a dish that is hot and spicy. The Manchurian dishes on the menu are for a salty brown sauce that may have a tinge of sweetness and Schezuan is a style of cooking that comes from the region of Sichuan. The names of those Chinese dishes are not to prove they have evolved from the original but only give you a vague reference to how the food was cooked. The next time you want to order Chinese home delivery, all you need to do is filter the restaurants based on cuisine and you will get a list of restaurants that will deliver food to your doorstep!